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Polly's Brew Co

Polly's Brew Co - Hiraeth (Extra Pale Ale)

Polly's Brew Co - Hiraeth (Extra Pale Ale)

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  • 440ml can
  • 4.3%
  • What The Brewers Say: "

    It’s almost transcended into legend at this point – one of our earliest brews here at Polly’s that attained legendary status amongst the people behind the beer wasn’t a hop-drenched DIPA, it wasn’t a tremendously intense DDH IPA, hell, it wasn’t even an IPA at all – it was a humble extra Pale Ale brewed with a combination of hops that worked so well together we were absolutely staggered every time we managed to get our hands on it. Simcoe Waimea XPA was a semi-regular feature of those halcyon Loka Polly beers and then it just…disappeared. Our inability to source Waimea hops meant this combination was very nearly lost to the archives until we were informed by our hop merchant that we’d secured the white whale on our hop contract for the year. Sweet mandarin, stonefruit, and berry notes take the softer flavours on this incredible pale ale, with an undercurrent of bright pine and resin keep things in check."

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